Four Years Later (Four Doors Down)

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Four Years Later (Four Doors Down)

Four Years Later (Four Doors Down)

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After the ridiculous amount of shit Ryan put Becca through, after Becca’s whole recovery stage and putting herself back together without the support of someone who’s supposed to be there for her… The fact that they end up together really makes me hate this story. But it was just another one of those novels about a boy and a girl who are too surface level to express any depth, and that just won't cut it when handling such delicate subject matter. I found the first book in the series full, predictable and with really juvenile, unlikeable characters and I wasn’t going to bother reading this one. Como si fuera poco, por culpa de unas fotografías, todos creen que ella engañó a Ryan; sus amigos en común la evitan, los compañeros de clases la ridiculizan. YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL YOU'RE NOT ALONE, WE CARE and that you have alot more power than the person who did that to you!

She couldn't sleep with anyone else (he did of course), we have no clue how she got to this point of being ready other than it had been four years and he is conveniently there to reap his reward of sex for doing the bare minimum of being her friend? Everything in these pages, the dialogue, the heartbreak, the raw emotion, the vast ensemble of perfectly flawed characters, the epic romance, the road to healing and forgiveness.You can change your choices at any time by visiting Cookie preferences, as described in the Cookie notice. I thought it was quite bold of the author to make you go through that motion of hating him and not making him a total victim in his own right. And the complete HYPOCRISY when he was literally having sex with the whole town but as soon as the MC gets near a guy he slut shames and humiliates her and proceeds to give a half ass apology. Have a lawyer rip my character apart, commenting on my clothes and how much I’d had to drink, so that even if someone did believe me, they wouldn’t by the end, because that’s what happens. Uma mensagem por e-mail será enviada antes do término do período gratuito, que pode ser cancelado a qualquer momento.

Por lo que Becca, sintiéndose abandonada, toma la única solución que cree correcta: se niega a contar la verdad, después de todo nadie va a creerle, right? I couldn’t see how Ryan could ever redeem himself, and with over 90% of the book read, I was convinced there was no way back for the two of them…Emma’s storytelling is something in this book and I was truly happy by the end, although I would of loved to of seen more of their reconciliation.The one guy Bailey Rydell can’t stand is actually the boy of her dreams—she just doesn’t know it yet. If she had written this, and ended it at the end (before the epilogue) and had her permanently dump Ryan’s butt. BERİ AŞIK OLDUĞU KIZ ARKADAŞINA PARTİDE TECAVÜZ EDİLDİ, KIZIN KENDİNİ AÇIKLAMASINA FIRSAT BİLE VERMEDEN ATILAN FOTOĞRAFLARA BAKIP KIZA BENİ ALDATTIN BERBATSIN DEMEYE BAŞLADI ! I’m not mad at how she portrayed the effects of trauma (for example: depression, weight loss, anxiety) because it made sense.

He didn’t give Becca a chance to explain, went ahead and jumped to conclusions, didn’t think to give his girlfriend who he had an almost perfect loving relationship with the benefit of the doubt, oh — and fucked the one girl Becca could not stand just to spite her. If he loved her as much as he claimed he did, he would actually give her a second chance or at least talk to her.

those horrible memories can't be erased (Becca SAW him having sex with that other bitch, like ACTUALLY saw it -- how do you get past that? First and foremost, can we please stop using all these basic ass names because I was so confused for like 75% of the book.

Not one person thinks that she should put her own mental health first and dump the toxic jerk who couldn’t even wait a day to stop and think before screwing girls and never stopped even after he knew she was innocent. The guy that she was dating in the end should’ve stuck around instead of bailing after he found out Ryan was a professional sportsman (I’ve completely forgotten what sport lol). decide que es una buena idea volver a comenzar una relación con él y no solo eso, sino que apenas 6 semanas después de está revelación ¡se casan! And even tho I liked that they got back together in the end, I kind of wished that he would be without her at the end.

I probably would have enjoyed this novel much more had it been simply a sweet romance and left the attempt at depth out, however when topics such as sexual assault are handled in this way, I just cannot stay on board. No one asked him to make all his sacrifices, he did it bc he felt guilty for how he treated her, so narratively speaking she doesnt owe him anything but the epilogue was written so you felt like she DID owe him something, with everyone going to bat for him, and that is gross. What I didn’t understand how people didn’t see how she was jerky around people and football players. I felt like I read more about the heros pain over what he thought happened then what the heroine was going through as an individual who just went through a horrible trauma.

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