...And What Do You Do?: What the royal family don't want you to know

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...And What Do You Do?: What the royal family don't want you to know

...And What Do You Do?: What the royal family don't want you to know

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The Spanish, Dutch and Danish monarchs each have two palaces. “Our royal family manages to occupy fifteen state residences,” Norman Baker writes. The fifteen don’t include Balmoral and Sandringham. Renowned curator Jacques Saunière staggered through the vaulted archway of the museum's Grand Gallery.” — The Da Vinci Code Ultralearning by Scott H. Young can help you learn about learning – a meta-skill. But it can also help you become more productive as a whole. Grab a blank notebook or a planner you have laying around at your house and keep a running list of all of the things you need to do.

Name your club.It’s not necessary, but it can be a fun way to distinguish your group and help get the word out–if that’s what you want!We've already talked about a few different pieces of software to help you with writing a book. But if you haven't found the right app or program yet, never fear — there's plenty more where those came from! Many writers believe that the key to writing an amazing book is style: impressive vocabulary, elaborate sentences, figurative language that would make Shakespeare swoon. Based on ours and other writers' experience, here are a few motivational strategies for you to try:

Write the first draft Like layers of an iceberg, these elements build on each other, even if you can't always see them. Ultimately, you just want a well-balanced writing routine that facilitates productivity, yet keeps you from burning out. If you find that writing for several days in a row is too much for you, space out your sessions more or try to shake things up by moving to a new writing space. If you can't keep up with your goals, it's okay to reduce them a little. Finish your draft Writing buddies can be incredible motivation when writing a book. (Image: Unsplash)Have a beginning, middle, and end. Way too many authors go into writing a book with a strong notion of how their story should start... yet their middle is murky and their ending, nonexistent. Take this time to flesh them out and connect them to one another. Remember: the best books have endings that feel “earned,” so you should try to be building toward it from the start! What makes this message so unique is the simple but beautiful way it's delivered, in narrative and illustration, through the eyes and voice of an innocent and hopeful child. What Do You Do With An Idea? is a spectacular book for all ages and is a wonderful treasure for any home or school library." The Children's Book Review Mr and Mrs Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.” — Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Norman Baker maintains that we taxpayers, who paid millions to each of them in the civil list, have a right to be told what was in their wills. Every other Briton’s will can be scrutinised - why he asks should members of the royal family be above the law?As you can imagine, these are not labeled as to-do items in the text. It’s up to you to identify what part of the book can be used and applied. These goals are based on a pattern of 3-4 sessions per week, which is reasonable for a beginner, but still enough to make commendable progress. Even if you only follow our minimum recommendations — 500 words per session at 3 sessions per week — you can still easily finish your book in less than a year! Speeding up the writing process

Once you've found your big idea, the next step is to research your genre. Again, if you're writing the book you like to read, you already have a leg up! Reading books in your genre is by far the best way to learn how to write in that genre yourself.Despite their enormous wealth, Norman Baker describes in one chapter how some of the royals lap up the freebies. William and Kate for example stayed for free at a villa on Mustique owned by a clothing tycoon. They followed that with another free use of another villa on the island owned by a hedge fund millionaire. That was followed by another free villa holiday on the same island owned by a Venezuelan millionaire and Kate’s family joined them. Charles and Camilla have been at it too in the Mediterranean, Norman Baker reveals, “relaxing on a luxury yacht” owned by a banker. The most jaw dropping revelation involved Princess Michael of Kent. She “saw an ivory bear in the window of a London jeweller’s and on impulse walked in and unashamedly asked for it to be given to her.” The shop agreed! This has been quite an engrossing and eye-opening book to listen to, especially with the jubilee celebrations starting in the UK and the gloomy reports on the economy (not just those of the UK) whose effects every one of us are feeling keenly, well.... maybe NOT the royal family as such. If you choose to use a planner, then you can put certain things on certain dates when they need to get done. But for the most part, you can still keep a running list on the planner and cross it off as it gets done. Then once the next week starts, transfer whatever is left over. Get to know your characters. If you haven't done much character development yet, your outline is the perfect opportunity to do so. How will your characters interact in the story, and how will these interactions demonstrate who they are and what matters to them? Last week I went to see a play at the Frinton Summer Theatre. The lights dimmed and I was about to settle down for the action on stage. Instead, the rumble of drums started and everyone stood up as the national anthem was played. It was something I hadn’t experienced since the mid sixties in a London theatre, where as a boy, I followed my socialist father’s lead and remained seated as everyone else in the auditorium stood to attention for God Save The Queen. For it to still be played in 2022 and for people still to deferentially pay their allegiance in a theatre is an interesting phenomenon, particularly following recent scandals which have tested many people’s faith and trust in the royal family. I write pay allegiance because that's what the national anthem is - its words glorify and celebrate the queen, before the country,

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