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The true strength of the novel of course lies in its characters and its depiction of an era when wealth and its correct show is all that matters […] It’s a slow-burn, stately novel about the magic of what it means to love, and love truly.”

No one punctures the skin of reality to reveal the lurking, sinister magic beneath better than Silvia Moreno-Garcia.”—Kiersten White, #1 bestselling author of Hide This is a rich novel with an engrossing plot, distinctive characters, and a pleasing touch of romance. Readers won’t be able to put it down." Moreno-Garcia’s masterful writing elevated this trope and made reading The Beautiful Ones an emotional, meaningful experience." It’s hard to describe how much fun this novel is—Moreno-Garcia, whose Mexican Gothic (2020) gripped readers last year, proves to be just as good at noir as she is at horror. The novel features memorable characters, taut pacing, an intricate plot, and antiheroes you can’t help but root for."In 2023, her novel Mexican Gothic was selected for the 2023 edition of Canada Reads, where it will be championed by Tasnim Geedi. [17] Her novel The Daughter of Doctor Moreau was also announced as a 2023 nominee for the Hugo Award for Best Novel. With Silver Nitrate, Silvia Moreno-Garcia once again writes herself to the summit of a new genre. After having brought readers to the island of Doctor Moreau in her retelling of the classic and writing a brilliant noir in Untamed Shore for her last two releases, this is a straight up occult horror thriller. Written with a great instinct for tension and pacing, Silver Nitrate draws the reader in and truly immerses them into its version of 1990s Mexico. But these books don’t just switch genre. The voice and style of writing adapts with them. And that is what makes Moreno-Garcia such an impressive author – her versatility, her ability to switch voices like a chameleon switches colour. Moreno-Garcia was born 25 April 1981, [1] and raised in Mexico. [2] Both her parents worked for radio stations. [3] She moved to Canada in 2004. [4] Moreno-Garcia completed a master's degree in science and technology studies from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver in 2016. [ citation needed] She presently lives with her family in Vancouver, British Columbia. [4] Career [ edit ]

But Moreno-Garcia’s latest novel does more than just give a taste of the noir we all know and love; it brings to light the cruelty and fear present for those living in 1970s Mexico City...you’ll walk away with a memorable snapshot of an ordinary Mexican citizen’s life during the political unrest of the 1970s."A fitting example of a new American Gothic novel, as Moreno-Garcia re-imagines this classic genre. You'll certainly find yourself caught between gasps of horror as you start to unravel this mysterious story, just remember to leave the light on as you sit down for a good read." THE TIGER CAME TO THE MOUNTAINS has Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s signature lush and beautiful prose, and this tale is a beautiful piece about family, love and courage." The magic that Silvia Moreno-Garcia weaves in her 1920s-set historical fantasy, GODS OF JADE AND SHADOW, immerses the reader in a fairy tale like no other [...] Readers will be floored by Moreno-Garcia’s painstaking attention to detail. Her descriptions of the emotionally charged interactions between realistic human characters and otherworldly gods, witches and demonic forces are unforgettable, as are as the fairy-tale and folktale aspects of the plot.” I don't even know what to compare this book to, it's just so incredibly unique and wonderful. Yes, it is a reimagining of a classic, but it's by a WoC about a WoC, where the villain is now white men impeding in Native spaces, and the horror that always follows, inflicted upon the native people and the land. Silvia's words are sweeping and yet calculated, crafting a dreamy affair where so-called monsters are more human than the actual humans are. Readers who were obsessed with GODS OF JADE AND SHADOW will devour this book!” As much as Moreno-Garcia carefully lays the groundwork for “Silver Nitrate’s” terrors by making real the film world inhabited by our unlikely trio, the final piece nailing her plot into place follows the third element common to James’ stories — the discovery of an old object and the supernatural wrath that follows.

By 1993, Montserrat is a tart-tongued sound editor seven years into a freelancing stint at Antares, a second-tier studio. “The editing business was a boys’ club,” she notes with dismay. “There were a few women working at studios writing scripts that were used for subtitling and dubbing. There were also female translators, though those were often freelancers who were contracted for single projects. But full-time female sound editors? Those were as rare as unicorns.” From the brilliant and creative mind of the New York Times best-selling author of Mexican Gothic, this lush sci-fi novel reimagines H.G. Wells’s The Island of Doctor Moreau in 1870s Mexico. Silvia Moreno-Garcia gives us death, action, romance, and human-animal hybrids in a dreamy jungle landscape. With a narrative rooted in true historical events and heroine Carlota Moreau’s coming of age, The Daughter of Doctor Moreau takes an intersectional feminist and anti-colonial approach to the classic story.”Moreno-Garcia fills her fantastic novel of manners with sumptuous language and plausible romantic complications in a setting that appears to be based on 19th-century France and is lightly garnished with minor magic […] Readers who enjoyed Mary Robinette Kowal’s Glamourist Histories magical Regency series will be particularly enthralled by the genuine emotions evoked in the course of the unsustainable love triangle.” THE RETURN OF THE SORCERESS gets straight into the heart of the story and [keeps] interest to the end." I think this is the kind of shit you shouldn’t have to be fixing in post-­production. Did you shoot these scenes inside a washing machine? The sound is terrible. Those levels are way too hot.” Montserrat is the only woman working as an audio editor in the old boys' club of Mexico City's B-film industry in the 1990s; her childhood friend Tristán is a former soap star whose life was turned upside down when he was disfigured in a car crash that killed his girlfriend and costar. Montserrat and Tristán are barely getting by when they meet Tristán's neighbor, one of their favorite directors, whose career was ruined when he was unable to complete a film for a Nazi occultist who practiced eugenics. The director wants their help to finish the scene that holds the final spell that the occultist promised would bring them all great fortune. But once they agree, a dangerous magic is reawakened. Moreno-Garcia effortlessly delivers the details of place and Montserrat and Tristán's complicated personal relationship without sacrificing the novel's compelling pace and intriguing plot, one that contemplates racism and sexism. VERDICT Moreno-Garcia ( The Daughter of Doctor Moreau) has written a love letter to Mexico City's film industry and an excellent entry into the popular horror subgenre of occult films. Suggest to fans of The Shoemaker's Magician by Cynthia Pelayo, Experimental Film by Gemma Files, and The Remaking by Clay McLeod Chapman. Library Journal As the ghosts and horrors accumulate, exposing the trio’s deepest fears and putting their lives at risk, “Silver Nitrate” gains momentum and power, just as Ewers did in constructing the labyrinth of runes, spells and curses that have dogged Urueta and his collaborators for some 30 years.

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