Yellow Door YD1021 Emotion Stones Set, 12 pieces & The Colour Monster

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Yellow Door YD1021 Emotion Stones Set, 12 pieces & The Colour Monster

Yellow Door YD1021 Emotion Stones Set, 12 pieces & The Colour Monster

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When Tina did this, she noted that the group was swirling around in one direction. She explained that her ‘me-stone’ was happy to follow along with the others, but she also realised it needed to be pointing in a slightly different direction. That led to a productive exploration of her sense of self in groups, and her fears and needs as they conflicted and merged with those of others. Many people find that when they hold a stone and take some time to allow it to have an effect on them, memories from earlier in life emerge spontaneously. Big feelings can feel scary and overwhelming, especially for children. Making space for andvalidatingyour child’s big emotions in the moment but also at a reflective distancegives thempermission to develop anacceptance of their feelings, even the difficult ones. When feelings are made acceptable, they are less likely to fight against them and when emotions are understood they feel less scary. This in turn can diminish the stress and anxiety that comes along with bottling feelings up. After reading the picture book, each child chose their own special stone to carry with them. Then the stones were used to frame a beautiful mandala created from colourful sand and pebbles. At the end of the two-day workshop, children collected some of the mandala to take home with them. They also painted a symbol on their ‘perfect stone’ as a reminder of their own gifts and special place in the world.

Transporting us both through her evocative words, to a beach that she knew well from childhood, Tina got in touch with a deep felt sense of peace and pleasure. We were subsequently able to use this multi-sensory image as a resource in helping her heal from a trauma dating from her teenage years. Recently I discovered that the Stones…have feelings too! cards are an excellent resource in supervision with staff. They were really useful in helping a worker to articulate how she was feeling about her planning, goal setting and current work with a family. She then selected the stones she wanted to relate to and the feelings associated with these cards. Hug someone you love(scientifically known to soothe,relax, reducestressand trigger the release of oxytocin).For another activity, we created a spectacular stone wall (based on the one in the book) and used it as a setting for a puppet show. The children used the puppets to express what it’s like to have a brother or sister who has (or had) a life-limiting illness. Surrounded by all the stones celebrating difference and uniqueness, the puppets were able to ‘speak’ freely from their places along wall. After they’ve selected and arranged a group of stones, you might invite your client to imagine that these stones represent their social group (or their family, or people at their place of work). How do they feel the arrangement needs to be reconfigured, when they see things in this light? Where is the client’s ‘me-stone’, in the arrangement? Are they on the edge? In the middle? Who is the largest stone? Who is the smallest? Does anything seem unfair or troubling in the constellation?

Saujani points out that crystals are used to improve the function of many everyday objects, like watches, plugs, hospital equipment, and lasers. To help you get started, we compiled a comprehensive roundup of some of the most popular crystals. Healing crystals for health It's a great resource that can be used again and again as part of a range of activities. How can I use these emotions story stones? In other words: we get into ruts and habits of thinking, where the same thoughts churn round and round, washing-machine style. Being creative without any outcome in mind, and then exploring what that’s like – and finding words to communicate this with someone who is deeply attending (the therapist) – can shift us out of the habitual thinking-patterns and into something new and fresh. This can help us get clarity and new ways of understanding what’s going on for us. The 52 Stones cards are perfect for all sorts of activities. If you’re a therapist, you might choose these cards to open a conversation with a client about a difficult problem. Which card represents the client’s feelings when the problem is worst? Which card represents the time when the problem is gone or more managable?Counsellors, teachers, therapists, social workers and anyone who works with young people and children will benefit from this resource. Prayer beads can also be used during meditation to count repetitions of mantra, or sacred chanting. Practitioners use the main, or guru, bead to keep count. Jewelry Expressing feelings is an important life skill we all need to learn and is at the heart of emotional wellbeing. However, sometimes we can’t find the right words to describe feelings. My daughter has been struggling to put her emotions into words or express them in effective wayslately so to help her better understand and articulate her feelings, so we’ve been talking a lot about emotions and doing kids activities that center on learning emotions. Kids loveto explore with simple hands-onactivities so I put together this fun little variation on typical story stones. Learn about Emotions with Build-a-FaceStory Stones The kidswould create faces with the story stones and then take turns sharing them with the rest of us. We’d talk about the emotions they created, explaining how we feel and how we act when we are feeling that way. It’s a great way to explore emotional intelligence in a way preschoolers can connect with. Related Learning Activity: Emotion Charades Game for Preschoolers!

The first step to coping with big feelings is identifying them. Conker and his friends experience lots of different feelings throughout the story. While reading you could ask your child to match the correct Emotion Stone to what they think Conker is feeling. You can then talk to them about why Conker might be feeling this way and if they have ever felt similar. When discussing a child’s own feelings, you can also incorporate the concept that friends and adults might have similar feelings in the same situation. Helping your child to identify feelings in others will also allow them to start developing emotional attunement which is important for emotional intelligence and helps children develop empathy. A client who is used to more left-brain, outcomes-oriented approaches may find this new perspective – this new way of conceptualising how to be in the world – quite illuminating and even transformative. During the training, each team developed unique activities with the stones and the tool itself became a springboard for other tools made by the teams within their own community. An older study presented at conferences in 1999 and 2001 but not published in a peer-reviewed journal suggested that any healing benefits associated with crystals were most likely a result of the power of suggestion. It’s no surprise that people make tons of accessories out of them, like jewelry or home decorations. Not only do they look nice, but a little extra positive energy doesn’t hurt anyone. Prayer beads

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Describing feelings is at the heart of emotional literacy and therapeutic work. Yet, sometimes people interpret feelings very differently. Each card in this set features a stone on one side, and three words on the reverse to describe the emotion shown. Hey, that stone seems to be quivering: is he embarrassed, humiliated or shy? What about that heavy stone rubbing his chin: is he thoughtful, curious or concerned? This was the case for one woman who felt that many of her family and friends were judging her for the compensation that she received from her husband’s death. However, after spending some time creating a map she realised that her feelings came from within and there was maybe only one or two who she might consider to be sitting in judgment of her. And, in the bigger picture, they did not matter all that much. This opened up a new conversation about the worker’s current strengths and ways that she can use them to enable a shift towards the ‘preferred stones’. This flowed on to what the worker decided she could do to enable this to occur and new plans for the family intervention and her overall practice. It was a real ‘ping’ moment!

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